Live music performance at dinner, live performance by a 5-piece orchestra



Audi's annual banquet invites the 5-member Dorian Music and Art Orchestra to perform superb music performances and bring a pleasant atmosphere to the guests.


Audi Annual dinner, musical performancelive orchestra performance


The annual dinner is presented with live music by a five-piece orchestra. This musical performance will bring vitality and elegance to the entire dinner, allowing guests to spend the dinner time surrounded by beautiful music. The orchestra's live performance will include a variety of musical styles, bringing rich listening enjoyment to the audience.

The essence of the dinner is not only the delicious food and wonderful host, but also a beautiful musical performance. A superb orchestra provided an intoxicating musical performance to the dinner party. In addition to tasting delicious food and participating in interesting activities, guests can also indulge in the sound of music, adding a touch of elegance and pleasure to the feast. We look forward to music and a wonderful dinner event with you!

The elegant jazz band players skillfully manipulate their instruments and create charming melodies, like a musical picture. The music is elegant and moving, bringing guests into an elegant music space. Music performance is not only an auditory enjoyment, but also a visual and spiritual feast, allowing people to immerse themselves in elegant music and feel the beauty of art.


Live performance by 5-piece band, music performance

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